The Elephant In the Room

Anxiety. If you’ve ever suffered from it, then you’ll understand how terrible and how scary it is. I try not to think about it, but it’s there. Constantly looming over me and taking up all of the space. It consumes me and takes my breath away. It makes me feel like an outsider.

It causes my family to constantly walk on eggshells wondering what my mood will be like each day. Some days I recede into my own world and isolate myself from everyone. Other days, I get really nervous and I’m scared to be left alone.

Anxiety causes me to have random outbursts about the smallest things. It makes me hypersensitive about everything. Sometimes it comes in the form of ocd, insomnia, and depression. Sometimes it comes in the form of panic attacks about everything. Or about nothing.

Anxiety. I try not to think about it but it’s always there. Stealing my life. I want to cage it up and send it back to wherever it came from. Far away from me. I want my life back.

I pray that i’ll be free from it one day. Until then, it’s looming over me. The Elephant In the room.